DMLT TransMaint provides

The Janus Group's DMLT TransMaint is a complete vehicle repair order tracking system developed exclusively for school districts of all sizes.

Real-Time Operation

  • System instantly records repair order requests, current status, complete work history, calculates
    cash, parts used, labor hours, fuel consumption, and other costs.
  • Progress on an order is being recorded from the moment of the Repair Order Request to the
    Completion of the Repair Order.
  • Status of assignment and repair, parts and cost estimates is available at all times to all
    authorized personnel.
  • Active and Completed Order histories are archived separately for instant referral and retrieval.


Request, Approve, Prioritize, Assign, Instruct, & Review

  • Paperless on-line repair order requests from authorized administrative or maintenance personnel
    at light speed.
  • System alerts key management personnel to extraordinary repairs possibly needing approval.
  • Work Order Requests are displayed on a central Order Review List, listed in order of date and time requested. List can be sorted and rearranged by Request Date, Repair Order Type, Location, etc.
  • From the Order Review List, Transportation Department Management Personnel can prioritize and
    pull up repair orders, assign, print, and issue an auto-populated Repair Order Form for the Mechanic, including special instructions, and review the status of repairs for routine maintenance and for safety inspections in progress.


Analytical Reports for Management

  • System compiles a variety of reports including costs, labor hours, frequency, fuel efficiency, and more for review by senior management. Reports by Repair Type, by Location, By Order Type, By Mechanic, by Parts, by Fuel Consumption, and more.


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